Tips to improve your photography and become a better photographer.

The first thing to understand is that you don’t need expensive equipment to take great pictures. Often we think that an expensive camera and lens is a must have to create beautiful images. In part that’s correct but focus first in learning and understanding the art of photography.

Learn the rules of photography and then break them or use them to your advantage. Learn the basics, composition, exposure, how shutter speeds works, how the aperture of the lens affects your images to create a certain look. Know the advantages of your camera and it’s limitations. Many high-end cameras are great when shooting in low light conditions but not so much the consumer entry-level cameras.

Shoot in different lighting conditions. This will help you understand how light works and affects your images. Shooting on a sunny bright day you will notice the shadows are going to be very harsh and most of the color on the trees, structures, landscapes and skies will be washed out by the light of the sun. Shooting at a later time like golden hour gives you a more saturated look and shadows are more likely to be softer.

Practice your photography by using your cell phone. Nowadays we all have a cellphone and with this the opportunity to snap a picture of anything anywhere. Try to get creative and shoot different angles and perspective as this will give your picture a more interesting feel. We’re all used to see the world pretty much the same way and perspective, if you ask someone to for example take a picture of a car they’re more likely to take that picture at eye level and pointing down as that’s how most of us if not all see the cars. If someone happens to take the same picture of the car but changes the perspective by perhaps getting low and shooting from the bottom, then that grabs our attention as we are not used to see a car in that perspective.

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